Mischa Kaufmann - Psychotherapie Zentrum Biel/Bienne

Mischa Kaufmann

Title:  Dipl. Body and Process Therapist Cranio Suisse

Languages: English, German, French


- Biodynamic Bodywork for children, adolescents and adults

- Speciality: crises, stress and burnout, aging processes, psychosomatic symptoms, chronic medical conditions


The Craniosacral therapy is a gentle body treatment. The focus is on the promotion of healthy and regulatory processes. A healthy balance of organs, nervous system and supporting structures will be revived.

As a client you are actively involved in this process: Spontaneous feelings and experiences are a significant part of the treatment, as is your medical history. You have the opportunity to explore a holistic view of your own person.

The treatment as a process illuminates the relationship between mind and body and helps to bring complaints in a new equilibrium. This can also involve collaboration with other physicians and speicallized agencies.

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Practise: Unterer Quai 23, 2502 Biel

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Tel: +41 76 429 72 03

Mischa Kaufmann
Image: Mischa Kaufmann
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